A review to introduce in My Lead Gen Secret

My Lead Gen Secret is an all in one platform to help online marketers collect and contact USA, Canada, Australian and United Kingdom business opportunity leads.

The way that this service works is for $30 per month, just $1 per day. My Lead Gen Secret will load 100 new leads per day into your back office.

The affiliate program is optional but by referring just one paid client to the platform the sponsor receives and additional 100 bonus leads per day. So, with this lead generation service customers are given 200 new leads per day with only one referral to the platform. Data for each unique lead is provided by My Lead Gen Secret.

The Mailing System is Easy to Use

In the My Lead Gen back office by clicking on the Mailing System tab customers can access the email editor. The emailer service is included with the $30 monthly fee. I find this to be an incredible value.

Users can select individual lists by date and load up who will receive the email. The functionality is not only flexible but simple to use for beginner email marketers. All that is required is a subject line, email body and users can preview and test each broadcast. Once satisfied with the draft, there is a selection to send now or select perfect timing.

Set up is simple and a 4-minute Quick Start video is provided on the home login page.

My Lead Gen Secret is a product that targets and helps promoters of online business opportunities by aligning them with USA, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom prospects. The program is simple to setup, use and fresh leads are delivered daily. Savvy entrepreneurs can test this platform and start receiving leads for as little as $1 per day. My Lead Gen Secret delivers incredible value for a small price. The fact that there is a commission plan attached to My Lead Gen Secret is just an added bonus.

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  1. I really like articles that makes me wonder… that really challenges me and pushes the boundary.
    And this right here definitely does that. It’s a shame how rare that
    is these days with so much garbage on the internet.
    Appreciate it.

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