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SHOCKING: Working From Home Causing "Back Pain Epidemic" in the world

Coronavirus has put more than 2 billion humans under isolation. By now you’re probably working from home—or planning to do so. What seemed impossible just a few months ago is now real: Italy is entirely locked down. Chances are you’ll have to work from home for the time being, if you were lucky enough to keep your job. Experts aren’t expecting quarantine to get any less strict in the coming months.

That comes with a few nice perks. You’ll work from the comfort of your couch and be close to your family. However… Research data shows remote work has a dark side too. In fact, numbers say working from home could have devastating effects on your health. The reason is simple: Barely anyone has adequate equipment for consistent remote work at home. That’s why many scientists are expecting a “back pain epidemic” to hit Italy as soon as in 2 months time.

4 in 5 people who spend their day in front of the computer are at shockingly high risk of chronic back pain. There are only a few ways to protect yourself.

Working From Home 8hrs a Day? Chances Are, You'll Develop Chronic Back Pain Symptoms

When working with a computer, we tend to naturally into a bad posture. Bad computer work posture puts a lot of tension on the neck and back.

  • For example, the body tends to slouch. It either leans towards the screen, or droops downwards from the chair. This weakens the muscles which keep good posture, and puts huge pressure on the lower back.
  • The arms over-extend to reach the keyboard and mouse, resulting in heavy strain on the back and shoulders.
  • The head leans towards the computer screen, or downwards to the mobile phone. Because it weighs 4.5-5kg (10-11lbs), it puts a lot of additional pressure on the neck and upper back.

All these movements (and many more) happen unconsciously. Most of them aren’t even noticed. But their results accumulate over time, because they affect the body nearly 40h every week. The negative effect of this natural slouching and bad posture only gets worse when working from home. Many of us just don’t have the required and proper equipment to work 8hrs a day, 5 days a week from home. That’s why constant sitting is devastating anyone working from home.

The scary part is: 4 in 5 experience back pain at some point. It can start mildly and seem unimportant at first, then progress into unbearable pain overnight. Such conditions leave the person completely paralyzed until doctors can help. To make things worse, nearly 20% who don’t seak treatment on time develop chronic conditions… and many even require surgery to recover…

How To Protect Yourself From Horrible Back Issues

There are a few ways to go about the issue. We’ve asked Dr. Simmons, NY-based chiropractor with 40 years of experience to suggest solutions. (Skip to the next paragraph if you’re looking for an easy fix.) But first, here are a couple of things you could try:

  1. Monitor your posture and try to keep it straight. Don’t let your body slouch or droop. If you catch yourself leaning too much towards the monitor, get back into a proper position.
  2. Sit closer to your desk. Keep your elbows next to your body. Move your keyboard and mouse within closer reach.
  3. Exercise regularly. If you can’t go out, exercise at home every week. Put your back and abdominal muscles to work. Also, make sure to get up from your chair every couple of hours or so and stretch your entire body.

The issue with these exercises, though, is that they may or may not work for you. As dr. Simmons says, “they all require you to consciously take action against an unconscious problem. Most patients forget the advice in less than a week, and then keep on with their habits. There is something else I always recommend to my patients.”

The New Zero-Effort Solution Might Be Our Only Chance (approved by all Doctors)

In Dr. Simmons own words:

“Most people don’t have time to exercise these days. Very few can afford to pay attention to their posture while working. That’s why we need a more efficient solution. I recommend BackHeroX to my patients.

BackHeroX does the hard work for you. When you put it on, BackHeroX reminds you to straighten your back every time you get into an unnatural position that could hurt your back.”

BackHeroX helps you prevent your body from drooping, slouching or leaning too far. It provides a healthier way to work from home and avoid problematic back issues.

The device aligns your shoulders, spine and upper back to ensure you keep a correct posture. Each time your body gets into a damaging position, BackHeroX will automatically buzz to remind you to stand or sit straight.

It’s designed with two easy-to-use straps that can be adjusted to fit your body. The buzzer is located on your back. It’s very thin, so you can wear BackHeroX under clothing and know it’s completely invisible. That way you’ll keep a good posture when going out.

BackHeroX is fully charged in 1 hour, and provides up to 15h of continuous wear time. Most users wear it between 8-9h, so you’ll have more than enough battery to last all day.

The #1 Way to Keep Good Posture & Prevent Back Damage

BackHeroX is the best way to keep a good posture when working from home. It’s the only solution that doesn’t require you to constantly pay attention to your back.

Exercising requires you to make extra time every week (that you probably don’t have), work hard and keep consistent to see results. And actively monitoring your posture while working will distract you from important things.

These means of prevention certainly work, but BackHeroX is the only device that will help you without the need for you to put in your time, attention or effort. Just strap it on. BackHeroX will automatically help you straighten your back.

Plus, if you use BackHeroX over a longer period of time, you’ll automatically get into the habit of correcting your posture. So you’ll keep your back straight even when not wearing it!

Correct Your Posture Today And Save Yourself From Health Troubles Tomorrow

“Everyone who works from home should have a BackHeroX. It’s the first thing I recommend to patients who type away on their laptops. 60 to 70% of those who buy it feel back aches only once in two or three months, compared to 4 to 6 times a day previously.”

BackHeroX is a great investment. This high-quality product will protect your health and doesn’t require any effort on your side. It regularly starts at 299,98 €, but today it’s available on a -50% discount (while in stock).

Before we tell you where you can get BackHeroX at half the regular cost, you should know of another great benefit this device will give you.

Thanks to its posture correction effect, BackHeroX will significantly boost your confidence. People around you will pay more attention to your words, and you’ll be seen as more of a leader than ever. That’s because BackHeroX will help you keep a dominant body attitude, showing everyone your thought matters. 44% of users report getting promoted to a role of manager within 2 months of purchasing BackHeroX.

We recommend you to buy your BackHeroX today. By now there are only 5 or 6 left, so better make the purchase as soon as possible—or you could miss out on the huge discount. Click here to buy your BackHeroX today, at 50% OFF and with FREE shipping anywhere in the world. Remember, the discount lasts only while the product is in stock (about 5 units left). So better purchase your BackHeroX today, or you could lose its benefits and the one-off discount.

What BackHeroX Users Are Saying

  • Nathan F.: I’ve had an aching back for around 8 months I think. Then I decided to change my work habits and I bought BackHeroX and used it while working. My back pain started disappearing and soon completely went away. This is a great device that will help you a lot if you have back problems as I did.
  • William B.: These things are selling like crazy, I barely managed to get my hands on one. I’m so glad I did. My wife’s been having so much pain in the upper back and shoulders that she couldn’t sleep for nights. No medicine could ease it. So I managed to get one ErgoStand for her and it helped a lot. She’s back to sleeping normally again and says she feels the pain once a day, oftentimes not at all. I’m really happy about that.
  • Charlotte R.: I bought one for myself and one for my husband. We love how easy it is to use! It really helps keep a good posture. Now we’re using the discount to buy it for our parents, too.
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